• I was looking for a soft-sided cooler to fit in the "sub-trunk" under the main trunk of a Tesla Model 3. Tesmanian makes one that looks beautiful but is almost 10 times as expensive. The "Hap Tim" cooler seems to have thicker insulation than the other inexpensive soft-side cooler I looked at, and fits almost perfectly into half of the Model 3 sub-trunk, though I do need to leave out the stiff base of the cooler due to the irregular shape of the sub-trunk. The sub-trunk cover fits right down on top of the closed lid of the cooler when I've got two bags, each with two 1/2-gallon milk cartons and some other things, inside each cooler. So, I got a second "Hap Tim", to provide a two-compartment option that's still much cheaper than the made-for-the-tesla version. See photos I've uploaded for this review.
  • This Hap Tim soft cooler has been amazing. First off, it's very well insulated, great quality The actual cooler portion of it is great. it has a rubber bottom, so it won’t leak, is waterproof, plus don’t slip. The cooler keeps things nice and cold for a great amount of time - which is a huge plus. It is a great size, so you can store drinks or food in the cooler - plenty of room for whatever you need to keep cold. It's easy to carry and I love that it can be carried with the handles or the strap, whatever you prefer. It also has a bottle opener attached which is a great added little feature. Love everything about this cooler, one of the nicest ones I have ever used. This sturdy, soft-sided cooler not only wipes clean, but collapses flat to 4.57" for compact storage. When is open the cooler measures 16.53" L x 9.84" W x 10.23" H. Overall we love this cooler and with the high quality we think it will last a very long time. Highly recommended
  • It is a great cooler backpack for a picnic... lots of pockets for packing drinks and snacks. We bought this cooler to take to the park and to the beach, which is almost every day. It is well made and strong...good quality, comfortable, and nice straps. The cooler is strong and big (going out with us regularly). It definitely keeps things cold, I make sure ice packs between the food or drinks. (ice pack, then drink, then ice pack, then food, etc) The two big pockets on the sides are great to be loaded with extra toys for the kids, personal wallet, hands sanitizer, sunscreen, and etc. The small zipper pocket on the top is the perfect place for cellphones and keys. It is so easy to clean and dry. It's definitely worth the money!!!
  • We took it to Clearwater Beach - FL it was perfect! It held up well with no leaks whatsoever! Plus it looks like a regular backpack - that avoided us a possible “cooler” search.. Overall a great buy!
  • I bought this bag because I have 3 nieces, ages 3, 6, and 7, that spend most of their summer with me. I plan events such as museum visits, splash pads, pool days, park visits, farm country, indoor discovery jungle gym, and much more. This backpack has not let me down. The 3 insulated pockets were a must for me. Since we do a lot of outdoor activities, and the summers are really hot where we live, 93-97 degrees. I like that their water bottles stay cold. I once left the backpack in my car for 3 or 4 hours in 95 degree weather, and found that although most of the ice had melted in their water bottles the water was still cold. I use the large front zippered area for all the food, water and snacks we need. I absolutely appreciate having a security pocket against my back. Where I put my phone and wallet that way i can stay focus on the kids while in crowded areas, and not worry about my valuables being stolen. I can fit so much in the large back zippered area. Change of Clothes for 3 kids, and shoes for 3. I have really enjoyed how versatile this back pack can be. I headed for a day at the lake yesterday only packing for me and it was perfect! Also at the lake it rained on the backpack and everything inside stayed dried! Yay! It looks well constructed and the material seems durable.
  • This diaper bag is awesome. It can hold everything I need for my 2 boys. I love that it has several quick access pockets. I can organize all my stuff really well. There’s definitely plenty of room. The bag is really cute and seems super well made. I’ve noticed that the zippers are really smooth. The back and the straps are well padded so it is easy to carry. And the bag is just cute! And it doesn’t scream diaper bag. The bottle pockets on the side are generous and fit my sons’ fatter water bottles/sippy cups. The one bottle pocket I think is supposed to be a wipe or tissue holder and I don’t really use it for that. There’s a little zipper on it, but it doesn’t give enough room for an actual pack of wipes and I don’t usually carry around tissue packs. So I just use that pocket for bottles too. I think I would like it if there were a way to have a wipe pocket with the wipes accessible from the outside, but usually the bags that have those are obviously diaper bags and those pockets can’t really be used for anything else. So, in the end, I don’t know if I’d change this bag. For every day, I usually like something a little smaller, but I actually just put my smaller ‘essentials’ bag inside this one and that gives me peace of mind that I have everything, but I can leave the big bag in the car and only carry my small ones inside places with me. Anyway, I’m very pleased with this bag. I think it will be great for travel too!
  • Purchased this about a month ago, sturdy material. I typically don’t put anything heavy in the top section, but it doesn’t seem that it would cave in even so. I use this with 2 ice packs and it keeps my food cool. Perfect size for the average eater. For size reference, two water bottles fit in too and 4 in the bottom.
  • Love it. Fits plenty and fits my container perfectly. Definitely would buy again and recommend getting.
  • Bought it for my 11 years old daughter. She is very happy with the item. Lots of space and fairly good quality. I have to update my review! Bought 2 in less than two months. The first one stolen a couple weeks ago and the second one was stolen today 😢. She is great with taking care of her belongings and our school is in a fairly wealthy neighborhood. It seems like children would go far as stealing in her classroom just to have that lunch box. It’s very stylish and definitely a winner makes me sad that we can’t have it longer than a week or two without loosing it. My kids are going to this school for about 2 years and never had an issue with stolen items!
  • This is a great lunch box or small cooler. We love going up the canyons and always need a small cooler or two to bring up hotdogs, chocolate, drinks, etc. This cooler is perfect for that. There is plenty of room and I love the two separate sections plus the dedicated utensil storage. The shoulder strap makes it easy to carry as well. I think the size is a bit large for an individual lunch, but it would be great if you need to pack a lunch with drinks and maybe a snack for a long day out. It’s well made and seems well insulated. It has worked great for us so far!
  • This is an adorable and convenient gift for any couple. I crafted the gift recipients names onto the wine glasses to personalize it. I ordered two as gifts. Very cute, reasonable and well made!
  • My wife and I try and get out and explore the area in which we live. We moved here just a few months before COVID and so outdoors has been the most available venue for us. Luckily, there are tons of places nearby for us to check out. I wanted something other than just a reusable shopping bag in which to carry our stuff and went looking for an all-inclusive, old-school "picnic basket." Since we also tote chairs and at times a collapsible table as well as our picnic stuff, once I started looking at all the options the idea of a "picnic BACKPACK" really appealed to me. I did my comparisons and chose this backpack and we are both very happy with our choice. We have used it for several outings now and aside from one plate cracking (completely my fault), we have nothing bad to say about this picnic backpack! It is solid, keeps things cold, well made, easy to clean, and very comfortable to carry. The wine "side car" holds the bottle securely and keeps the wine chilled. The glasses and silverware are nice, the plates are a little flimsy, but all in all, this is a very good set that should serve us for quite some time to come. My ultimate goal is to get some caviar to try on one of our adventures...I can't wait!