• I love it, it’s easy to clean and hold a lot! A lot more than I even eat/drink. It holds 2L of water (either two 1L bottles or four 16.9 bottles) nicely. The pouch on the side allows for coke or another bottle of water! The pocket on the front is for napkins I guess or silverware and actually zips up, I would recommend putting stuff there for safer keeping. Only drawback is ...There is a pouch on the inside but the elastic on it will not hold anything there, be mindful when opening it. Everything falls out when opening.
  • This bag is all I need for my DD lunch/am pm snack. I was afraid it will be bulky for my 5y but it is very compact yet fits a lot of goodies in. I did a lot of research and could not find something similar. So if you are looking for something to hold a warm thermos and 2 snacks tray or 1 betgo and 2 snacks buy this ASAP, I can not express of how well it holds with everyday wear but will update once school year starts.
  • I have been looking for YEARS for perfect traveling backpack I have found it!! I have a weekend full of stuff including 2 pairs of shoes and makeup in this and it’s perfect. It also is amazing for an airplane. The top unzip feature is a game changer. LOVE LOVE LOVE this backpack!!
  • Love this backpack! Light, enough room & compartments, including for a water bottle and umbrella - and stylish as well. It fit nicely under the airplane seat and didn’t dig into my shoulders when walking “miles” through the airport. Highly recommend.
  • I work from home and because of that I take advantage of my free time by traveling and working from hotels often. I've been on the hunt for a bag that can hold my laptop and my extra screen. As much as I love and need my extra screen it's a bit large/bulky. It needed to be a backpack that has a luggage strap. This bag seems to be just what I needed. Both my screen and my laptop can fit in the laptop sleeve. I can fit my keyboard, planner, and a book, with plenty of room to spare for miscellanous travel items. The shape is great, when it zips up it slims down. It's as close to perfect as I think I can get at this price point. Hopefully it's also durable! A decent sized water bottle can fit on each side. The last one I tried that was similar shaped to this one couldn't fit a water bottle in the side pocket once it was full. There are a lot of pockets in the front that seem useful. I haven't had a chance to use it yet, but I will in a couple of weeks and will report back if it doesn't hold up well.
  • Just got the bag today and it had a strong chemical smell to it. I let it sit out in the sun for a couple hours and the smell has mostly gone. Happy to say that the insulated bottle holders fit 8oz Dr Brown bottles! The zippers slide really easily. The stitching and edges are well put together. There are tons of pockets and I love that the big part of the backpack can be separated into two. Great design! I’ll have to see how the straps feel once I have it all packed and on my back. I can’t wait to use this when I travel with my 3 year old next month on a plane and also for when my newborn gets here in June! Edit to add: the backpack is a dream to travel thru the airport with a toddler! I was able to keep my daughter’s foldable potty seat in the top, front zipper pocket, my iPhone 6S plus fits in the tiny top front zipper pocket. I was able to keep all her snacks and food pouches in the bottom front zipper pocket. Her hydro flask fit perfectly on the side pocket, along with wipes, antibacterial wipes and boogie wipes on the other side pocket. In the bottom section, I was able to put her first aid kit, my wristlet, 4 pull ups, a small pack of wipes, and a bag of things for me (protein bar, lotion, pill container, saline spray, small tube of aquaphor healing ointment, gum). On the top section, I was able to put a change of clothes for her, a wet bag (we are still potty training), an extra shirt for me, toilet seat covers for toddler, and extra things that we needed to just throw in real quick. This diaper bag fit everything we needed to fly. The straps were comfortable enough to carry (the bag was 11lbs full for travel) while being 33 weeks pregnant. This bag will def be sufficient for my newborn (in a few weeks) and my toddler. Highly recommended!
  • Purchased both light and dark gray for comparison. This bag is perfect! It has so many pockets and compartments. I have so many diaper bags, and this one is by far the best! Fit everything we needed for a long day of fun. (A few changes of toddler clothes, lunch & snacks for multiple people, multiple diapers, 4 packs of wipes, small cooler bag with ice pack for cold food and water bottles- that was inside the bag, blanket, and still had room for more!) Truly Mary Poppins bag!
  • I recently purchased this for a bridal shower gift. It’s very cute! Comes with everything you need to have a romantic picnic!, little blanket and it also has a cooler too! I added a bottle of their favorite wine and it was the perfect gift! They’re both hikers so now they all they have to do is pack a little lunch and off they go! It was the perfect gift for outdoors kinda ppl.
  • Cute little big and very convenient for picnics. My girlfriend loved it. The plates and utensils are cheap and plastic but it gets the job done. Better than carrying a basket.
  • So I've waited over a month to leave a review because I wanted to make sure that I really enjoyed this bag, and I can now say confidently that I do! I went back to school this fall and this backpack has been great for all of my college textbooks and computer. I have four different textbooks, my computer, and a few notebooks, along with pens and pencils, and there is still room for more. I've even had a bottle of water accidentally knocked over on it and the water just beaded up and rolled off!