Diaper Bag

  • We have loved this diaper bag from the start - so many convenient pockets, stylish for both Mom and Dad and holds a ton. My only con and why I knocked a star off is that the leather strap at the top has started peeling and falling apart. We only use this to pick the bag up and put it on our shoulder, not carry it by the handle, so it is frustrating to see this happen on what I would otherwise call an exceptionally well-made bag. Wish it was a nylon closure or something for longevity.
  • As a mom of 3, I'm very picky about diaper bags. I know what works best for me and recognize it when I see it. Amazing bag that has it all and then some! This is a well made bag. All the zippers pull nicely. The stitching excellent. Thermal lining for bottles. The capacity is XL. I seriously can fit SO much in this bag. (Think first-time-over-packing-mom then double it. You can easily accommodate packing for a second child with all the space and pockets.) I love all the pockets and extra places to stick miscellaneous items in. Another feature I love is the changing pad in a seperate compartment. I don't have to dig through the whole bag for it. Its the largest & thickest changing pad I've had come with a diaper bag. The thick vegan leather is so soft and buttery. The main compartment has zippers that pull almost all the way down the bag. (This is a MUST for me. I detest digging through a bag for a single item.) The cream color is timeless. So gorgeous in person. I'm a boy mom but prefer more stylish bags. This bag is very fashion forward without compromising functionality. My personal preference would be to have "feet" on the bottom of the bag but it's not a deal breaker for this phenomenal bag. tl;dr: Exceptional quality for money. Very large capacity. Lots of slots and pockets. Great zippers. Fully opening main compartment. Stylish.
  • I have owned many diaper bag backpacks and this one ticks every box! First of all, the styling is just beautiful. I’ve only been using it for two days and have already received compliments. The pockets are just perfect. The placement and amount are very well thought out to ensure a streamlined design without the bulk and it slides effortlessly into my stroller. I also don’t knock things over when I’m wearing it (which I can’t say about my last one). I also love the adjustable bottle pockets on the sides. I’m past the bottle stage with my daughter, and it easily fits child and adult water bottles as well as coffee cups! This backpack diaper bag is a must have!
  • Love love love this diaper backpack!! As a parent of 3, We've tried many bags. Carter's, Graco, Skiphop and the very popular (And pricey) Petunia Pickle Bottom brand from Nordstroms. And truly, this Haptim bag is the BEST! Pros: Very fashion forward, hubby isn't embarrassed to wear it, comfortable straps, it's light, many hidden pockets, opens up and holds it's shape so it's easy to see exactly where everything is in the bag instead of digging through it blindly like other brands. Cons: truly the only con I've found was it isn't the easiest to open with one hand, can be a challenge if you're holding a little ones hand while trying to get into the bag as the zipper though great quality doesn't unzip easily. Overall, I LOVE this bag! Cannot stress enough the great quality and such a reasonable price!
  • I searched for far too many hours on Amazon looking for the perfect diaper bag for our second child! I have no regrets and choosing this one. One of the greatest values we found in harmony purchases a baby gear. I get compliments all the time when I carry it for it's attractiveness. I even had an expectant mom takes picture of it while out shopping this past week. She wanted one of her own! It's also incredibly functional! Hides the wear and tear of everyday use and is relatively cleanable. Tons of room for both my infant and my four-year-olds belongings while we are out. Numerous pockets for organization. Two nice size pockets on the side. One is supposed to be used for wipes. The stroller straps are Genius and can be used on more than just strollers. I like to use them on grocery carts so that the diaper bag isn't taking up more space!
  • I bought this bag because I have 3 nieces, ages 3, 6, and 7, that spend most of their summer with me. I plan events such as museum visits, splash pads, pool days, park visits, farm country, indoor discovery jungle gym, and much more. This backpack has not let me down. The 3 insulated pockets were a must for me. Since we do a lot of outdoor activities, and the summers are really hot where we live, 93-97 degrees. I like that their water bottles stay cold. I once left the backpack in my car for 3 or 4 hours in 95 degree weather, and found that although most of the ice had melted in their water bottles the water was still cold. I use the large front zippered area for all the food, water and snacks we need. I absolutely appreciate having a security pocket against my back. Where I put my phone and wallet that way i can stay focus on the kids while in crowded areas, and not worry about my valuables being stolen. I can fit so much in the large back zippered area. Change of Clothes for 3 kids, and shoes for 3. I have really enjoyed how versatile this back pack can be. I headed for a day at the lake yesterday only packing for me and it was perfect! Also at the lake it rained on the backpack and everything inside stayed dried! Yay! It looks well constructed and the material seems durable.
  • This diaper bag is awesome. It can hold everything I need for my 2 boys. I love that it has several quick access pockets. I can organize all my stuff really well. There’s definitely plenty of room. The bag is really cute and seems super well made. I’ve noticed that the zippers are really smooth. The back and the straps are well padded so it is easy to carry. And the bag is just cute! And it doesn’t scream diaper bag. The bottle pockets on the side are generous and fit my sons’ fatter water bottles/sippy cups. The one bottle pocket I think is supposed to be a wipe or tissue holder and I don’t really use it for that. There’s a little zipper on it, but it doesn’t give enough room for an actual pack of wipes and I don’t usually carry around tissue packs. So I just use that pocket for bottles too. I think I would like it if there were a way to have a wipe pocket with the wipes accessible from the outside, but usually the bags that have those are obviously diaper bags and those pockets can’t really be used for anything else. So, in the end, I don’t know if I’d change this bag. For every day, I usually like something a little smaller, but I actually just put my smaller ‘essentials’ bag inside this one and that gives me peace of mind that I have everything, but I can leave the big bag in the car and only carry my small ones inside places with me. Anyway, I’m very pleased with this bag. I think it will be great for travel too!
  • Just got the bag today and it had a strong chemical smell to it. I let it sit out in the sun for a couple hours and the smell has mostly gone. Happy to say that the insulated bottle holders fit 8oz Dr Brown bottles! The zippers slide really easily. The stitching and edges are well put together. There are tons of pockets and I love that the big part of the backpack can be separated into two. Great design! I’ll have to see how the straps feel once I have it all packed and on my back. I can’t wait to use this when I travel with my 3 year old next month on a plane and also for when my newborn gets here in June! Edit to add: the backpack is a dream to travel thru the airport with a toddler! I was able to keep my daughter’s foldable potty seat in the top, front zipper pocket, my iPhone 6S plus fits in the tiny top front zipper pocket. I was able to keep all her snacks and food pouches in the bottom front zipper pocket. Her hydro flask fit perfectly on the side pocket, along with wipes, antibacterial wipes and boogie wipes on the other side pocket. In the bottom section, I was able to put her first aid kit, my wristlet, 4 pull ups, a small pack of wipes, and a bag of things for me (protein bar, lotion, pill container, saline spray, small tube of aquaphor healing ointment, gum). On the top section, I was able to put a change of clothes for her, a wet bag (we are still potty training), an extra shirt for me, toilet seat covers for toddler, and extra things that we needed to just throw in real quick. This diaper bag fit everything we needed to fly. The straps were comfortable enough to carry (the bag was 11lbs full for travel) while being 33 weeks pregnant. This bag will def be sufficient for my newborn (in a few weeks) and my toddler. Highly recommended!
  • Purchased both light and dark gray for comparison. This bag is perfect! It has so many pockets and compartments. I have so many diaper bags, and this one is by far the best! Fit everything we needed for a long day of fun. (A few changes of toddler clothes, lunch & snacks for multiple people, multiple diapers, 4 packs of wipes, small cooler bag with ice pack for cold food and water bottles- that was inside the bag, blanket, and still had room for more!) Truly Mary Poppins bag!